1 Pc – Rumgay Revolution Blade

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This blade was made to celebrate Gavin’s unprecedented 13th National Championship men’s singles title. A record that will stand for decades to come.
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Like the Rumgay Reactor, the Revolution has a top layer of Japan’s most prized wood, Hinoki, a cypress tree that grows only in Japan. However, this blade is a notch slower and gives increased arc on topspin loops.

This light coloured wood has a rich, straight grain which gives this blade exceptional feel and control, good power near the table and when combined with a light carbon layer, provides good mid-distance power.

The Rumgay Revolutions feel gives maximum response back to the individual in tight net exchanges.

There has only ever been a limited amount of these blades produced to celebrate Gavin’s all time record.

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Weight 750 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 5 cm