Gavin is a highly talented racket sports player and coach. Hailing from Scotland but now based in London, he was a gifted junior winning scottish national titles in table tennis and tennis. He also represented scotland at badminton. As a junior tennis player in scotland, Gavin was coached by Judy Murray, and is proud to have beaten both Andy and Jamie Murray in their younger days. In his late teens he switched his focus to table tennis where he has become Scotland's greatest ever male player.

In fact, Gavin is a 16 times scottish national champion as well as a British table tennis champion. He has also played for scotland in the Commonwealth Games and in 2013 in Dehli won a bronze medal. In addition, Gavin has won 26 british grand prix titles and is second only to Welsh Wizard, Ryan Jenkins, in gaining the most titles.

In recent years, as well as playing table tennis on the ITTF World Tour, Gavin has been seen and heard on television, either playing or commentating. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of the World Ping Pong Championships, which are screened on Sky Sports every January from the Alexandra Palace. It won’t surprise you to know that Gavin has a current world ranking of 7 at this version of Table Tennis & medalled in the 2020 World Championships. (Gavin"s greatest achievement).



Back in 2014 Gavin established Gavin Rumgay Racket Sports, as a Racket Sports Coaching business, and from that time it has grown into a highly successful international concern. Having proved himself as a top class player, he has now done the same as a multi talented racket sports coach coach.


Table Tennis:

  • 16 times scottish national champion
  • 26 UK Grand Prix titles
  • 2015 British champion
  • Commonwealth bronze medalist
  • 2020 World ping pong championships bronze medallist
  • 2018 ITTF World tour bronze medallist
  • 100+ UK tournament wins
  • 2016/17 Swiss elite league cup winner


  • 2 times scottish junior national champion
  • 2 times scottish under 10 national champion


  • Scottish junior national team squad member


  • Qualified ITTF commentator (2008)
  • 4 times men’s world TT championships, including the final in 2017
  • Women’s world TT team final 2014
  • English national championship final 2015
  • T2 Asia Pacific TT League (Lead & expert commentator)

Jamie Murray

Three-time Grand Slam Winner and a Davis Cup Champion
“Gavin has a natural ability to coach in all sports, he won junior tennis titles with me and has made a very successful career for himself in table tennis. I would recommend him for lessons!”