Gavin is no stranger to the demand of coaching abroad in the summer months. In previous years Gavin has been to Italy, Switzerland, Cyprus and of course the rest of the UK for these massive lucrative contracts, which are guaranteed a minimum of 7 days of coaching by the client and their family.

Gavin’s services are based on the individual and what they need in order to progress in their chosen sport. The house calls abroad include your chosen sport(s) as well as diet and fitness advice and routines, to get you through the summer months feeling the best that you can.

In late July/early August, Gavin will venture to a small but lucrative part of Italy, known as Sardinia. Gavin of course has had the pleasure of being in Sardinia in previous years, and it has become a nice fixture in the GR Racket Sports summer diary. The clients will require top level table tennis coaching, fitness routines and golf lessons to round up the week.

Sardinia is known for it’s picturesque beauty along the Mediterranean sea. An amazing backdrop for some high level table tennis and golf to be played.

Gavin who is only scheduled to be in London for two weeks this summer is overcome with the level of demand that there is for his services abroad, “The demad that there is during the summer has progressed year on year, so far every sport we showcase has been requested. It really is an exciting time for the business, especially with some big announcements still to come over the next few months”.

GR Racket Sports has gone from strength to strength so stay tuned on as well as on all GR social media platforms to keep up with all the latest from #TEAMGR.